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TKDMeetUp 2024

May 3 - May 5

With great joy, I invite you to the next edition of TKDMeetUp workshops for men practicing Taekwon-Do! Just like the last time, it will take place in the exceptional location of Dojo Stara Wies – European Budo Centre in Poland, on 3rd  – 5th of May, 2024. The place is created for martial arts training – a place where you can delve deeper into the essence of our art, return to its roots and remind yourself why you chose the path of martial arts in the first place.

Here is a short video  from the previous edition:

And here you can see the full summary of TKDMeetUp 2023

TKDMeetUp 2024 – Ignite Your Strength will be a meeting of men from different countries practicing Taekwon-Do, aiming to build their physical and mental strength on solid and healthy foundations. The workshops will combine physical training, mind workshops, and mindfulness meditations, emphasizing the aspects highlighted by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi.

Under the patronage of the Polish Taekwon-Do Association, we are organizing an event where distinguished guests from the world of martial arts will share effective methods of self-improvement in different areas. As leaders in your communities, this type of work is always the first and the best step towards positively influencing your environment and, of course, improving the quality of your own life.

The list of speakers is not yet closed, but I can already confirm the presentations of the following individuals, well-known in our community:

1. Master Martin Hewlett from the United Kingdom. With 35 years of experience in Taekwon-Do and 20 years in the healthcare profession, he also holds World Records in powerlifting. Currently, he focuses on using hypnotherapy to help people realize their full potential. Master Hewlett runs the Calming Anxiety podcast, which is number 1 in the UK for topics related to anxiety and fears. He will share his best meditation techniques and effective tools he uses in working with clients.

For more information, visit: https://www.martinhewlett.co.uk/

2. Sabum Roy Rolstad (VI DAN Taekwon-Do, VI Dan Hapkido) from Norway is a Taekwon-Do instructor of  NTN (National Team Norway). In Norway, Taekwon-Do ITF is the most practiced sport. He is the co-creator of the ITF Radix system, which provides a new perspective on formal patterns (using movements that we all know for real combat and self-defense).

During the last meeting, he inspired us all with his workshop “Chon-Ji – a complete fighting system.” Participants were impressed by the alternative applications of movements used in patterns. During next edition we will continue the adventure with ITF Radix to learn more and inspire our students more strongly to practice patterns. 

3. Sabum Sławomir Listkiewicz is a movement enthusiast and a Taekwon-Do coach with a VI DAN degree. During TKDMeetUp, he will conduct Movement sessions, which he has been practicing for 6 years. “Movement is the foundation of human existence, movement is life. Movement unleashes energy for action. For the human body to function well, movement should be diverse, taking place in a variable environment, using different objects, individually and in interaction with other people. Movement is freedom in physical, emotional, and spiritual terms.

In our sessions, we will focus on key areas of our movement system: the spine, shoulder girdle, and hip girdle. The goal will be to activate, make more flexible, improve awareness, and increase control within these areas. We will perform individual, pair, and group tasks.

4. Sabum Łukasz Grygiel VI Dan – the event organizer, president of the Extremis Foundation, dedicated to complementary development in the areas of the mind, body, and mindfulness. With 25 years in Taekwon-Do, he is the author of the Black Belt project. Over the years, he has acquired knowledge in transpersonal coaching, meditation, mindfulness and hypno, Wim Hof’s breathing methods, and hypnotherapy. The methods he has learned aim to enable lasting positive change in significant areas of life.

He will lead a Taekwon-Do training session combined with meditation/relaxation and workshops related to effective methods of changing thinking patterns and eliminating limiting beliefs.

If you want to learn more about how the mind works, how to manage it better, spend time with friends and martial arts enthusiasts in discussions and training in an amazing place – I invite you to this unique event.

I encourage you to watch the video with impressions from the previous edition.

Additional information:

Price: PLN 349€ for the entire package (accommodation, meals, workshops, training, sauna, professional photos), valid until January 30, 2024. A prepayment of 100€ reserves your place.

Please sign up here:

Due to the workshop nature of the meeting, we have a limited number of places for this event. I encourage you to reserve your stay now.

Warm regards,
Łukasz Grygiel

Tel: +48 796 810 803 | [email protected] | Facebook | www.tkdmeetup.eu


May 3
May 5
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