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First Online International Do Seminar

Apr 24, 2021 @ 2:00 pm May 8, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

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How do I register for the seminar?
Please visit ITF-BOOKS.COM to register for the seminar.


What are the dates and times of the seminar?
24th April, 1st May, and 8 May 2021 – From 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (CET).

What language will the seminar be in?
In English.

How much does it cost?
€30 for the whole seminar (three 2-hour sessions over a 3-week period). 

ITF Board Members and ITF Committee Chairpersons may attend for free (Please contact [email protected]).

What does the seminar cover?
Part 1
: Topics – Moral culture and TKD; Origin and meaning of the word “DO”; the Tenets of TKD; Student’s Oath; Connecting Do to moral culture, tenets, oath, and goal of TKD; Stages of moral development; Psychology of human behaviour; Self-control (what it is and why it matters; how to develop better self-control; how to teach self-control to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life).

Part 2: Topics – Courtesy (what it is and why it matters; how to become more courteous; how to teach courtesy to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Integrity (what it is and why it matters; how to develop and maintain integrity; how to teach integrity to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Ethical/moral decision making (how to resolve dilemmas / conflicts between tenets of TKD).

Part 3: Topics – Perseverance (what it is and why it matters; how to develop and strengthen perseverance; how to teach perseverance to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Motivation and goal-setting (how to set effective goals in TKD and life); Indomitable spirit (what it is and why it matters; how to develop an indomitable spirit; how to teach indomitable spirit to TKD students; applications in dojang and daily life); Integration of Do teaching into regular TKD classes (general guideline and tips). 

Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is for all Taekwon-Do practitioners who are interested in studying the Do and developing a way of life based on the moral culture of Taekwon-Do, as well as for all Taekwon-Do instructors and assistant instructors interested in learning how to teach the Do and integrate the teaching of the Do in the teaching of Taekwon-Do. 

The seminar is open to all ITF Taekwon-Do members from Red Belt and above, who also are 16 years of age or older.

Why should I seriously consider registering for the seminar?

In his last publication, Moral Guide Book (2000), General Choi wrote: “…the only way one can truly achieve the status as a man of Taekwon-Do is to go beyond the technical aspect and establish a lifestyle based on a solid code of morality.” (p. 9). For him, physical and moral training were two indivisible parts of the study of Taekwon-Do. Without the emphasis on moral development, Taekwon-Do is just a sport, not a martial art. The true nature and spirit of a martial art is in the learning and teaching of the Do, i.e., the “way”, the “right way” as General Choi calls it. For him, the “right away” is the “way paved by the saints and wise people of the past.”

Furthermore, teaching the Do is good for business. With so many businesses competing for the customer’s money and attention, each business has to work hard to set itself apart from its competitors. Those instructors who are able to teach the Do effectively and provide moral training in addition to physical training have a competitive edge on their business competitors. They can offer a product that is unique, needed, demanded, and better than the competition. This means that they can attract more students in their dojang.

Is there an exam for the seminar?
There is no exam for this seminar. 

Will I get a qualification from the seminar?
No, but you will have a better understanding of the Do, and you will be better qualified to teach the Do after the seminar. Furthermore, it will enable you to benefit more from the experience of attending the full two-day International Do Course (IDC), which provides more advanced demonstrations, physical training, hands-on experience, feedback, brief presentations, and discussions.

Will there be physical activities during the seminar?
There will be opportunities for some physical activities during the seminar. Those will be used to experience the Do in Taekwon-Do. In addition, video clips and live demonstrations will be used to show how to apply many practical strategies for developing and teaching the Tenets of Taekwon-Do.

Will we be able to ask questions during the seminar?
Yes, there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each part of the seminar. However, participants will be asked to submit their questions via the chat facility on the Zoom platform. We will select which questions to answer.

What will I receive when I register?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail which will also be a receipt of your payment. Later (most probably the day before a part of the seminar is delivered), you will receive the Zoom link via e-mail. You may also receive more information via e-mail before the seminar starts.

Will I get a certificate for the seminar?
Participants who attend all 3 parts of the seminar will receive a digital certificate of participation.

Do I have to attend all 3 parts of the seminar?
To complete the seminar and obtain your certificate of participation, you must attend all 3 parts of the seminar. However, if you miss one of the parts, you will still be able to attend the other parts.

If I have a question about the seminar, who do I contact?
If you have any question which is not answered above you can contact [email protected] for more information.

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