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First Official Adapted Umpire Course Online

Jun 1 9:00 am Jun 2 4:00 pm

Dear ITF Members, Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and Umpires,

On behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), the ITF Umpire Committee, and the ITF Inclusion Committee, we are pleased to extend a warm invitation to the First International Qualifying Course for Umpires and Referees of Adapted Taekwon-Do – Online, scheduled for June 1st and 2nd, 2024.

The course will be led by Grand Master Abelardo Benzaquén, Chair of the ITF Umpire Committee, along with Sabum Nim Anabel Vicario, Chair of the ITF Inclusion Committee.

The ITF regularly organizes International Umpires Courses worldwide, especially before major championships such as the World Cups, World Championships, and continental competitions, to ensure that all officials are up to date with rules, regulations, and the latest technical aspects.

This inaugural International Course for Adapted Taekwon-Do Referees coincides with the 2024 Center and South American Championship in Paraguay later this month, and four months prior to the ITF World Cup 2024, scheduled for October in Mar del Plata, Argentina. This course serves as a Qualifying Course for referees seeking certification as Adapted Umpire A (4th Dan and above) and Adapted Umpires (2nd Dan and above). The course is open to all ITF members from 2nd Kup, aged 16 and above.

Registration: All National Associations or Affiliate Organizations can register participants through the ITF database: https://data.itftkd.sport/signin

Costs: For Kups and Dans up to 6th Dan: 175 U$S; for Masters 7th and 8th Dan: 135 U$S

Payments: Payments must be made through the itf-books.org platform

Registration Deadline: May 30th, 2024

Languages: The first course will be conducted in Spanish.

We look forward to your participation in this significant event.

Warm regards on behalf of the ITF Umpire Committee and the ITF Inclusion Committee.

Grand Master Abelardo Benzaquén
Chair of the ITF Umpire Committee

Sabum Nim Anabel Vicario
Chair of the ITF Inclusion Committee

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